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Our Beautiful World
Our World is full of magical places, pieces of land surrounded by water. If u need some peace inside you, make an hike to there and see how beautiful can be Nature.
The Tree by ageaiWinter Wonderland by jjuuhhaaIce Tower by MarcAdamus:thumb57857728:Mountain View Steam by MarcAdamusJust saying goodbye by PhilipMatthewsUnder Heavens by Erni009Curves by waleed-DP:thumb28017613:Duna by too-much4youC4D Icing Fog 2 by cravingfordesignRegatta de blanc by CrossieForest Mist ll by littlemewhatever:thumb53364263:m o r n i n g by onealz:thumb61841805:Fields of corn by smh-side by Side by too-much4you:thumb42935715:Wind And Wuthering IV by Pixydream:thumb53072626::thumb65750703:finding middle earth by zeroskyyA World Above by iamgoatmanTempest by justinblackphotos:thumb46853210::thumb46968373::thumb49309386:City of rock by joffo1Tibetan High Plateau I by FelixToPoland 9 by lonelywolf2:thumb56733983:Wonderland by tomaskasparSerenity by Solkkuas far as by detail24Vale das Furnas by too-much4youAbsorbed Light by PictureElementStart the Journey by itashCrossing The Field... by lowapproachSimilarity 3 by AntonioAndrosiglio:thumb41242197:paesaggio - VIII by GiacomoIlariLa punta del Hidalgo II by MenceyDigital:thumb24141375:
And about water, you know
:icontoo-much4you:too-much4you 531 351
PhotographyChannel Presents - July Photo Challenge
After a long hiatus PhotographyChannel is back and kicking off Photo Challenges once again. Photo challenges usually run the first of every month and close at the end of the month, every third month there will be prizes! Photo challenges will be based on themes, to enter you must take a picture fitting to the monthly theme.
And with all of that said, we would like to take this time to invite you to join our July Photo Challenge.
The Theme
July's theme is 'The Beginning'
To enter your photo; You must place in your description that the photo you're uploading is for the "July monthly #photography challenge, theme 'The Beginning'.", then send us a note @ PhotographyChannel , with a link to the image.
You can submit a photo already submitted on your deviantART account.
One entry per person only, please!

:iconphotographychannel:PhotographyChannel 57 17
Infrared photography
I dedicated this article to infrared photography because I rarely see anyone experimenting with it, which is a shame as some stunning photographs can be made in this invisible world. If you need some motivation, scroll down and look at examples in this article. They're far from being representative for all of IR photography, but they may be enough to get you interested.
I'll talk about shooting infrared on digital SLRs, as I don't expect anyone already shooting IR film needing any help :) so all examples you will see were shot with Canon EOS 300D. You can apply most of this to compact digital cameras which can carry filters (or to all compacts if you're willing to hand-hold the filter in front of the lens).
IR filters - distinction
IR stands for infra-red. Just saying "infrared filter" is somewhat imprecise because today exist two kinds of filters that deal with this part of spectrum.
First kind are IR-block (a.k.a. low-pass) filters which block IR wavelengths. Virtually all dig
:iconblushark:blushark 90 23
Photography Contest: Grace
Photography Contest
Theme: Grace
Category: Photography only
Dates: May 25th, 2007 - June 27th, 2007
1. Must be a photograph. Minimal editing is allowed, but no manipulation. If you have a question, ask.
2. Must be a new deviation.
3. Must be your own work.
4. No Mature Content.
5. Must have some connection with the theme.
6. Up to 2 Entries Per Person!
Judging will be done by a panel of judges for the official placing. And there will be a poll for a community choice.
1st -
6 Month Subscription from LadyEdana
A print valuing up to $20 from LadyEdana
Journal features from: LadyEdana lindowyn-stock
Stock Packs from: lindowyn-stock
2nd -
3 Month Subscription from LadyEdana
A print valuing up to $15 from LadyEdana
Journal features from: LadyEdana lindowyn-stock
Stock Packs from: lindowyn-stock
3rd -
1 Month Subscription from LadyEdana
A print valuing up to $15 from LadyEdana
Journal features from: :de
:iconladyedana:LadyEdana 79 44
New Contest : PEACE!
== P E A C E Contest ==
Just because we are human and that we have tendencies to forget some value that originally make us human beings...
By Peace we don't mean peaceful, quiet. Use your imagination!
We do not intend to be involved here into conflicts. Partisan deviation (for one country etc...) will be rejected.
We just want to spotlight the definition of Peace.
Be creative don't simply use a dove...
You can view the updates here :
:pointr:  Now spread the word about this contest and CREATE!!!!!!
G O O D    L U C K  &   B E   C R E A T I V E !
Contest - Peace
Contest maintained by :iconKareMelancholia:
:pointr:  Deadline : June 30th.
:pointr:  Rules :
1) Medias allowed : ALL medias are allowed!!!
2) 3 entries max per deviant!
3) The entry must be made for this conte
:iconkaremelancholia:karemelancholia 121 45
DevMeet Klagenfurt
Wir, das sind die DeviantArt user ~Kirimaus, =geek7 und ~northwulf, haben uns in letzter Zeit Gedanken über ein Deviantart Meeting gemacht. Daher planen wir das erste Treffen am 9. Dezember.
Mit diesem Treffen wollen wir die Hobbykünstler im Großraum Klagenfurt kennen lernen und gegenseitig näher bringen. Damit sind natürlich alle gemeint ob sie nun auf DeviantArt registriert sind oder nicht. Für den Fall, dass ihr eure Kunst auf dem Treffen präsentieren wollt haben wir einen Beamer und eine Leinwand organisiert, dies dürfte also kein Problem darstellen.
Seht es als DevMeeting, als eine kleine Party oder einfach nur als eine tolle Gelegenheit gleichgesinnte Leute zu treffen. Es würde uns freuen wenn ihr kommen würdet.
Mit freundichen Grüßen geek7, northwulf und Kirimaus
:iconkirimaus:Kirimaus 4 16
Journal Street Photo Contest
I’m so stoked – I’m from California, give me a break – to get this
going: deviantART in association with Stephen Gandy of  CameraQuest are
proud to sponsor – not my – but “the” 2006
Street Photography Shoot-Out.  

Yes, this is something I’ve always wanted to “make happen” but … you
guys should really thank both Mr. Gandy and Angelo because this would
not have happened without their excitement, enthusiasm and
participation.  When I heard both of the “yes” answers I was just
beyond.  Someone is going to be the owner of a new rangefinder and a
fast-ass lens.
That’s the good news.  The bad news is that there’s only one prize.
The grand prize:
:bulletgreen: Bessa R3A
in Gray (US$579)
:bulletgreen: Voigtlander 40/1.4 SC (US$399) :bulle
:iconcweeks:cweeks 160 297
An open letter to Spyed
Before you read the following letter that I have written to dA, please take the time to familiarize yourself with the situation at hand. Some people might think that it is a trivial matter – in a sense it is as these are merely features on a website – but it is the principal behind the actions that matters.
A world famous electronic musician recently released a music / digital art montage on DVD. I have nothing against this musician himself – in the past he has done some wonderful work and I will admit without reservation that I have several of his CDs. Recently his DVD was advertised through a top journal on dA – this musician even became a member of the website. But why? DeviantART is not a place for music files – that was decided early on. So what does this artist have to offer for the community?
Recently he was subscribed ‘till hell freezes over’ – a status reserved for select staff members. He was also given the ability to cu
:iconlondonxpress:londonxpress 423 360
Contest: Freedom!
"We hold in our hands, the most precious gift of all: Freedom. The freedom to express our art. Our love. The freedom to be who we want to be. We are not going to give that freedom away and no one shall take it from us!" -Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider come most of us only think about it when it has been taken from us? I thought about that this afternoon when I was doing the dishes at work (excellent time to brainstorm about life...hanging above dirty plates). So I decided to come up with a little freedom themed contest.
Freedom can be many can be free to say what you want, free to do what you want, free to be what you want. It's up to you to give meaning to this word. Freedom can be found in the little things in life, like walking your dog without an army breathing down your neck.
:bulletblue: 1st place: 1 year dA subscription, print of choice from my gallery.
:bulletblue: 2nd place: 3 months dA subscription and a print of choice from my gallery.
:iconsomedutchkid:SomeDutchKid 108 111



Personal Quote: Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît point
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  • Watching: Doctor Who
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Well... haven't been active for quite a long time.

just don't have the need to show my shots to "public" anymore...

thats just one reason... others are: "new" flat, "new" job, "new" hobbies, et cetera.

maybe i'll upload something the next weeks/months - can't promise - just wanted to mention it :P

Cheers :wave:


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Merci für den Fav!


PS: btw: gute Quote!
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Just think on shooting ;)
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